tisdag, januari 18, 2011

some hot news

Sorry for my french (or what do u say?!) but i fucking love my life for the moment! Its aaamazing. I've been to bondi beach today, yes again, and today the water was hooot! Yeey its getting warm in the water now, so fucking lovely. But the waves, oh my god. I thought i would die! Bit scary acutally, cause the waves are strong like hell as well.. Anyway, i survived! 

Tomorrow we're gonna have a farwell party for Jonas cause he's leaving on thursday. So its gonna be a big party for him and for everybody haha. And on thursday i really hope that i moving to Chilli Blue. Then im going out with Bob and the rest. Begins the evening with a few beers in the pool on the roof. Yeah, life is hard here in Sydney ... ;)

söndag, januari 16, 2011

Bondi says hello!

Hmm. Well well. im still in sydney, but live in bondi for the moment in an apartment with four guys. two brazilian guys, one canadian and one swedish. and up stairs the italian boys live. lucky me! no, but they're so nice and i relly love to live in bondi and with them of course. we have so much fun together! oh i forgot this - only  200 m from the beach?! so good. 

oliver henry and lalle went to east cost for some work, so im alone right now. but, i think i like it more now cause its easier to do things. if u now what i mean :)

im going back to Chilli Blue on tuesday or wedenesday, its the hostel i stayed in for the first time in kings cross. im really going back to my family again!! v. cant belive it haha. miss 'em so! so.. back to the goon poong. fuck, its gonna kill me haha! ciaaaao

måndag, januari 10, 2011


new day, new week .. monday!! i dont know if im going out tonight with the others from the hostel, maybe if im bored. but i really have to save my money for sure haha. im going out tomorrow and wednesday and probably rest of the week so i can stay home and do nothing tonight....

i had a great weekend. friday was johnnys birthday so we went to scary canary (haha wacko name) with the others, it was so fun!! the bartender gave me shots for free, dont ask me why but really, thank u! and of course i was drunk as hell. again. and saturday was robs birthday so we went to the gaff, also a great night. such a good nightclub. then thomas was kicked out cause he was to drunk hahaha. good for u. 

well well, this was all from me this time!! x

torsdag, januari 06, 2011

down under

so... in five weeks i've lost:

* my jacket
* my swedish phone
* my australian phone
* and some other things that i cant remember right now
* and yeah, my camera is broken as well ... so no more photos for me....

haha good work paula!! fuckin goon..

onsdag, januari 05, 2011


saja. da bodde man i Bondi nu for tillfallet. bor med tre killar, tva brasilienare och en kanadensare (canadicken as well, som vi brukade kalla henry for haha). trivs jattebra har an sa lange faktiskt, busshallsplats ratt utanfor huset och 200 meter till bondi beach. fuckin great!! ska val bo har ett par dagar nu tills Peter kommer fran new zealand.

det enda negativa for tillfallet ar att kl ar 02.13 en onsdag (och ja, jag ar hemma for forsta gangen pa en manad typ) sa ska kanadensaren dra hem en tjej of course och nu ligger hon och skriker dar inne. vafan. haha borjar bli ratt trott sa hoppas dom ar klara snart tack...

annars var jag ute igar, tisdags, haha var sa jaaavla paackad for vi spelade goonpong och thomas och co ville fa mig full. jo check! det fick dom ocksa haha. kom inte ens tillbaka till Bondi for jag var sa full, sa fick sova pa hostelet. sov till kl 16.00 hmm... bakfull?! - jo tack, fyfan aldrig varit sa bakis som idag sen jag kommit hit.. usch never again.. hmmm ska bara ut imorgon igen med emilie och pa fredag ska vi fira johnny! cant wait !! och ska se om jag kan fa plats pa chilli blue ocksa.. ahja vadret suger har for tillfallet men hoppas det ordnar upp sig snart, vill garna ha nytta av lagenheten eftersom jag bor sa nara stranden nu!

love from Bondi!

tisdag, januari 04, 2011


Love life! really. i have the best time of my life at the moment!
love you chili blue guys and of course, backpackers peeps as well!

måndag, januari 03, 2011

pictures, enjoy!!

ja jag har det javligt bra pa bondi beach !! man ser inte det sa tydligt
men det var ca 2-3 meter hoga vagor denna dag. fyfan

pa sidebar med niklas och en av vakterna haha

siderbar med helsingborgarna :)
fina grabbar! gullberg, bob och andy

jag andy adde arvid och nan svensk tjej var ju saklart TVUGNA att dra till bondi kl 07 pa morgonen
och stanna dar till 10 och bada. eller dom... haha nya shorts hittade dom as well!

hahaha. played some goonpong and then we got drunk. think this was at
christmas eve, 25th.
thomas, me, oliver
my lovely boys!
rob the english guy, thomas the danish guy and me

at the courtyard at chili blue .v.

dont do this when you're drunk haha.
pim, lalle and me, of course, at the top!

so much goonpong. fuckin' hate goon haha
thomas and steve as a team. like always

hmm.. okey u see what happens after some goonpong playing and
a night out whit the other guys at the hostel.. and really, stop drinking when u get back at the hostel...
haha or otherwise it'll be like this

Bondi, someone's getting rescued and the film team were there!
hahaha hold-your-breath-longest-competition
future music

very nice weather at new years eve.. began with subways at hyde park

haha henry and johan are getting ready for the night!!!!

me and henry!!! happy new year peeps!! 2011, im ready!